Department of English

About the Department

The Department of English was established in 2015. The Department aspires to be a leading center of Indian Classical Literature, Indian Writing in English, American Literature, Popular Literature, Literary Theory and Criticism, Partition Literature, Contemporary India: Women and Empowerment, Research Methodology and British Literature from Anglo Saxon to the Contemporary Period, by integrating modern and contemporary concepts, skills and technology to attain national and international renown. Today, the faculty continues to reflect the innovation and creativity of conducting research and teaching across the traditions of British, American, and World literary history.

The Power of Literature

Human beings are story-telling animals. Literary study necessarily confronts us with the richness of human experiences, helping us to appreciate common values and the differences between those experiences across cultures, places, and times. Literature shows the design of the creative process, allowing us to interpret the deep motivations of human minds and societies-both in the past and today.

The Skill of Critical Thinking

The study of literary texts nourishes our critical minds and our imaginations as we journey through the rich history of world literature. It encourages the art of close reading, interpretation, and the skill of problem solving through critical thinking. It teaches us to express our experiences and our ideas effectively in written and verbal communications that are adaptable to a wide range of different media. The ability to analyze issues at hand, to identify core concerns, and to present relevant solutions persuasively is keys to success in any field.

English in Our College

We are deeply involved in the digital humanities and in interdisciplinary research and studies. Under CBCS (Choice Based Credit System), of University of Kalyani, Students have the opportunity to explore diverse range of course components like Modern Indian Writing in English Translation, British Literature: Post World War II, Literary Criticism, Literary Theory, Partition Literature and Research Methodology. We also offer M.A in English under DODL, University of Klayani.

Academic Activities of the Department

  1. Conducted Special Lecture on “Literature and Society: Interdisciplinary Perspectives”
  2. Conducted Special Lecture on “American Literature: From Colonial to the Present
  3. Conducted Special Lecture on “Oedipus Rex: Text, Context and Contemporary Significance”.
  4. Conducted Student Seminar on Discipline Specific Issues in every semester after the implementation of CBCS of University of Kalyani (As per UGC-CBCS System)
  5. Organized an International Seminar on “Rethinking Environmental Issues: Interdisciplinary Perspectives”

Department Faculties

Smt. Sulipta Tarafdar

Assistant Professor, M.A, NET

Sri Bapin Mallick

Assistant Professor & HOD, M.A, M.PHIL(JRF-UGC), NET, SET, Ph.D (Pursuing)

Smt. Paramita Adhikary


Sri Bapan Mondal


Smt. Soumi Adhikary


Smt. Koyel Mandal