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Department of English

About the Department

The English Department at Dr B.R. Ambedkar College is dedicated to preparing students to become insightful readers, thinkers, writers and life-long learners with an awareness of historical, cultural, and philosophical issues. Their education in literature, writing, criticism, and language enables students to write effectively, think critically, read widely, weigh values, and communicate ideas. The teachers are readily available to students and committed to helping each student achieve his or her educational, personal and professional goals. In our work as teachers, and scholars, we often explore how literature, more than any other discipline, is based in a play of imagination that animates abundant possibilities for alternate social arrangements: atypical societies, different ways of living, utopian intuitions about more equitable, more liberated, and more just forms of social organization.


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117 Sep 2022ENGLISH ROUTINEDownload


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101 Aug 2023English Semester I (NEP) Syllabus DistributionDownload
226 Jul 2022English Hons SyllabusDownload
326 Jul 2022English Programme SyllabusDownload
426 Jul 2022English Syllabus 3rd and 5th SemesterDownload

Notice Board

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103 Mar 2022INTERNAL ENGLISH SEM I & IIIDownload


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1Dr. Bapin MallickAssistant Professor (HOD)View Profile
2Mrs. Medhasree TalapatraAssistant ProfessorView Profile
3Mrs. Paramita AdhikariState Aided College Teacher (SACT)View Profile
4Mr. Bapan MondalState Aided College Teacher (SACT)View Profile
5Mrs. Koyel MandalState Aided College Teacher (SACT)View Profile
6Mr. Baloram BaloClass TeacherView Profile

Organized Programme

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1 15 Dec 2023 One Day International Seminar On Culture, Literature and Media Download