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Department of History

About the Department

The Department follows a multi-pronged teaching approach, balancing a curriculum which can equip the students for careers anywhere, in academia or outside (following all-India requirements in this regard), with a sharp focus on developing cutting-edge research potential among students, to make them nationally and globally competitive. Teaching combines standard lectures (accompanied by visual and audio-visual aids) with student-focussed interactive sessions, discussions, and presentations, including analysis of primary texts by students to equip them for research. Focus is also placed on interdisciplinary approaches to studies, with faculty members collaborating with faculty from other departments (such as Philosophy and English) to carry out joint classes and discussions. Department members often take part in national and international conferences, and the department itself also often organizes conferences and workshops. The Department every year organizes a number of special seminars and lectures. Apart from having these specific academic objectives, the broader aim of the Department is to help students to become socially-aware citizens so that they can use the conceptual resources provided by the study of the distant as well as proximate past (of India and of the wider world) to better understand the universe around them, and to negotiate with that world in a socially responsible manner, deploying, among other things, the analytical techniques offered to them by classroom teaching and interactions.


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117 Sep 2022HISTORYDownload


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130 Jul 2022History-Honours & General SyllabusDownload


Sl.No. Name of Teachers Designation Profile
1 Mr. Nishit Saha Assistant Professor View
2 Mr. Malay Ghosh SACT View
3 Mr. Sujit Biswas SACT View
4 Mr. Sudip Basu SACT View
5 Hiren Pande Class Teacher View
6 Mansharul Islam Class Teacher View