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Department of Political Science

About the Department

The Department of Political Science cherishes its illustrious past, but tries every moment to enrich its present. With a bunch of fresh, inquisitive students and dedicated faculty, the department’s quest for quality and knowledge is unbound. And this quest goes beyond the formal syllabus, beyond the four walls of our classrooms. Students are encouraged to question and debate, and raise issues within and beyond the syllabus. They are encouraged to participate in students’ seminars and present papers. The pedagogy involves guiding students to write dissertations and term papers from undergraduate classes beyond formal lecturing. The department believes in helping the students to grow as good human beings, not only good students. The faculty members are engaged in continuous research in all areas of the discipline, besides their regular teaching assignments.


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117 Sep 2022POLITICAL SCIENCEDownload


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130 Jul 2022Political Science Honours SyllabusDownload
230 Jul 2022Political Science General SyllabusDownload


Sl.No. Name of Teachers Designation Profile
1Dr. Pankaj Kumar DasAssistant Professor (HOD)View Profile
2Mr. Sakti Ranjan TikaderState Aided College Teacher (SACT)View Profile
3Mr. Pradip GhoshState Aided College Teacher (SACT)View Profile
4Mr. Manabendra DasState Aided College Teacher (SACT)View Profile
5Mr. Tushar BiswasState Aided College Teacher (SACT)View Profile
6Mr. Sukamal BiswasState Aided College Teacher (SACT)View Profile