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Library FAQ

1. How are library resources used to augment the teaching-learning process?

The Central Library of the college contains many rare books. The Library is also regularly embellished by purchasing new books and journals. The teachers and the students make constructive use of library facilities like reading and borrowing books and journals, accessing internet etc. The college has also recently been granted the permission to avail the INFLIBNET facility so the students and teachers can access many e-books and e-journals.

2. Describe the role of Library Committee?

The composition of the sub-committee is as follows:
(a) Principal —Chairperson
(b) Librarian —Convenor
(c) Secretary, Teachers’ Council —Ex-officio member
(d) Selected Teaching Staff

The Library sub-committee subscribes to new books, journals and e-journals keeping with the demands of the research scholars in all UG departments. There are frequent meetings of the Library Sub-Committee to chalk out plans for the enhancement of the library. The purchase of books and journals is also monitored by the Library Committee and Purchase committee.

3. What are the significant changes have been brought to the Library?

4. What kind of support provided by the Library staff to the students and teachers of the college?

The Library staff offers the following support to the students and teachers of the college: